Saturday, December 28, 2013

merry christmas!

Can y'all tell I'm catching up?  I delete Facebook and BAM … 3 posts in a day.

Also my children are napping, so there's that …

But back to Christmas!  Is anyone else going through a post-Christmas depression?  Like I seriously think I may need some antidepressants this year.  Thank the Lord for XM radio and the fact that they play Christmas music all the way until the New Year and don't CUT it off like the local radio stations do the next day.  I can't go cold turkey Christmas people!!!!  I NEED TO WEAN OFF!!!

I have, do, always will LOVE and I mean L-O-V-E Christmas but it seems like it was even MORE magical this year now that C actually seemed to GET Christmas.  He was SO into Santa this year.  The two times we took him to see him he was overjoyed.  The first time?  He RAN (thank goodness there wasn't a line because I'm pretty sure he would've taken out any child/man/woman/reindeer in his path to get to him) and LEAPT into his lap, hugged him around the neck and said,

"HI Santa!  I'm so glad you're here!  I LOVE you!"

Y'all.  I almost cried.  To be honest I'm pretty sure I did a little bit.  I mean I couldn't have scripted it better.  Which was good considering this was last year's experience …

So when THIS happened (ignore his face in the first one, he wasn't thrilled that he had to stop talking to Santa to snap a picture) his year, this momma couldn't have been more thrilled (ahem, aside from little bit's reaction … here's to next year … or maybe the one after that …)

Now, can someone please tell me how to explain to a 3 year old that Christmas is over and Santa is gone and we have to stop singing Christmas carols and watching The Polar Express and Mickey's A Christmas Carol all day every day?  Because if I have to say any of those things out loud to him I may burst into tears.  

At least I have until New Year's to do so.  

Until then sweet boy, sing Jingle Bells all you want.  

{I'll post more about Christmas later - y'all didn't think that was ALL the pictures I took of the MOST wonderful time of the year did you?  For shame.}

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