Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day.

We had a great day Sunday celebrating the hottest dad in the world ...

Happy Father's Day to my sweet Mister, we LOVE you!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Catching Up ...

Man I'm bad about updating this thing. Bad, bad, bad.

So I figured I'd start catching up. The weekend before last I went with my family to my uncle's memorial (BIG thanks to the Mister for staying home with the munchkin BTW) in Dubois, WY.

First and foremost, can we talk about how breathtakingly beautiful it is there? GORG. And COLD. Texas people, be jealous. I was wearing a sweatshirt and pants and STILL wasn't warm enough. In June. Like we saw snow flurries at one point. I'm sewious.

A little background on my uncle. He was the drummer for The Doobie Brothers. Fact, A Doobies concert was the first one I ever went to. At like 8. And I'm pretty sure I was a little high from all the other concert attender's ... cigarette smoke ...

But that's neither here not there. Back to the memorial. It was held at his home in WY. He loved the outdoors and Dubois. And I'm about to show you why.

Those are all views off the back porch of his home. The memorial was everything he'd want it to be, people hanging out, celebrating his life and having fun. My cousins did a wonderful job putting it together. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves ...

The decal they had made of their dad ...

My cousins receiving an American flag for their dad's service in Vietnam ...

My family ...

We all wore these like backstage passes around our necks ...

More scenery pics with my Silly ...

Dinner in the cute little town one night ...

One of Mike's closest friends and band security for awhile, Leroy.

And the whole group that was there. Keep on rockin' Big Mike!

Winner ...

Winner chicken dinner!

I just wanted to announce a week late the WINNER of my giveaway! Jordan (who doesn't have a blog but shared it on her FB and follows my blog) is the lucky winner of the five Mighty Spirit Kids CDs! Laura I'll send you her address so you can get Jordan her CDs and she and sweet Wells can start jamming to scripture!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hey hey hey (anyone else hear that in Fat Albert's voice in their head?  No?  Just me?)  Remember when I promised I had a giveaway coming?  Well, it's HEERRRREEEEE!  And it's one I'm really excited about too.

A sweet fellow blogger and her precious family have put together a children's CD that she so graciously offered to give me prior to this giveaway.  Now, this CD was meant for C's benefit but let me tell you how much I've benefited from it as well.  The CD is based strictly on Scripture and I love love LOVE the fact that I find myself singing it all day long and in doing so, singing Scripture over myself, my home and my son.  I love it.  LOVE.

Here's a little video to give you a better idea of what the CD is all about ...

I mean really.  How cute are they?
How can you get it you ask?

Well you can do one of several options.

Visit their website.
Buy it on Amazon.
OR on iTunes.

What?  What's that you say?  What about the giveaway?  Oh yeah, I guess you could get it that way too.

And can we talk about how awesome they are?  They are giving away 5, yes FIVE, CDs to the lucky winner!  You can have one in your car, give one to a friend, neighbor, your church youth group, etc and so on and so forth.

How do you win you ask (y'all are being all sorts of inquisitive today)?

Well you have several options for entries:

First, you must be a follower of my blog. 
Second, you must post about the giveaway on facebook.
Third, you will get extra entries for posting their video on your facebook, twitter and/or blog (each an extra entry worth) 
And last, just wait to find out if you win!  

I will close the giveaway Friday at midnight and post the winner on Monday, June 11th.  Easy peasy right?

Not only is this giveaway beneficial for you, it's helping bring the Word of God to KIDS.  I think we can all agree today's youth could use God's Word sung into their lives, right?  So now?  Go forth and ENTER!  Good luck everyone!!!

(Make sure and leave a comment for each entry you do, so I can keep up with how many times to enter your name)