Friday, April 26, 2013

Where I've Been ...

How is life with two you ask? Honestly at first it was tough. The no sleep, nursing around the clock, recovering from a c-section and a toddler that was a BIT jealous at first ...

I mean, every one throws trains/balls/insert projectile object at their new siblings head right?

I AM pretty sure that my boys have some sort hidden language or look that, when used means, "Okay everybody poop, NOW!" It can also be used for cry, scream and be hungry.

However now that we've got a few months under our belt, momma's recovering and starting to workout and we're able to get out of the house a bit I really feel like life is beginning to settle back into a groove. Which is nice.

So per usual I'll catch you up with a enormous picture dump. Hope you enjoy!

Aunt Ally is silly!

With his aunts!

Happy bday daddy!

Don't worry C's getting attention too ...

Happy Easter!

Sommmmeeeeonnnne likes chocolate ...

Snuggling with Pawpaw ...

And here come the smiles. O-M-G melt my heart ...

He smiles with his whole face. I love it.

2 month appt ... BOOOO shots.

C: "Here baby here's your paci."
N: "MOM a little help here?!?"

C: "Here baby, have your paci."
N: "Mom, please don't let him shove that in my face again."

First solo walk with both boys. C is EXCITED!

And that's about it folks. I'm sure I'll be back in another 2 months to update this business. Who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself and do it sooner?

Probably not.

Hope all is well with everyone!