Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catching Up With a Picture DUMP!

Heyyyyy there.  Remember when I told y'all I was pregnant?  And then fell off the planet?  Well I think I'm, very slowly, returning to earth.  I have been SO much sicker with this pregnancy than I was with C (of course, the pregnancy where I have a 22 mo old to chase after.  FIGURES)  But I think I'm out of the woods in that area.  I'm starting to actually be able to think about meat and vegetables again, watch TV commercials that involve any form of food without evoking my gag reflex and drink liquids that aren't water and milk.

Anywho, back to returning from outer space.  So we went to Michigan while I was secretly preggo.  And man I felt awful the whole. time.  Good news I was there with the majority of my family (minus the Mister, he had to work) and they were SUPER helpful with C giving me time to rest, relax, veg and have a little vacay time.  So let's get to the photo dump part ...

{Little man rocked the plane ride.  Mainly because he was in a state of hypnosis brought on by Thomas and Barney.}

{Um, pretty much loved the beach.}


{Just like his momma.  HATES when the ice cream's all gone!}

{Feelin' pukey but trying to look snazzy with my Silly and little sister.}

{Last day.  Couldn't resist this precious picture of my little man trottin' down to the beach.}

{And of course we got delayed on the way home so little man needed a "nack".  And I promise he's not jaundiced.  I was trying to be all "artsy" and used a setting on Instagram that came out ... a bit ... well, jaundiced.}

We had such a great time, we spent the majority of the time going to the darling town and shopping, cooking fantastic (that didn't sound so fantastic to me at the time, vom vom VOM-a-thon) dinners at the lake house, lounging on the beach, chasing C and relaxing.  It was a great time with my fabulous family.  

Also this summer, we had our first chocolate chip cookie ...
{You know you want a cookie now don't you?  Sorry he didn't get the "chew with your mouth closed" memo.  Ga-ross.  But hilarious nonetheless.}

And learned how to use a spoon ... 
{Who's mom of the year and puts Christmas jammies on their kid in August?  Me.  Right here.}

My best friend on the planet got engaged, we threw her a bachelorette party and she got married in a span of 2 months and words cannot EXPRESS how much my heart is filled with joy because of all of these events.  Her sweet hubby is a COMPLETE answer to prayer.  Watching them start their life together has been and will continue to be such a blessing.  Amazing.  
{Celebrating right after she got engaged.  This was obviously before I found out I was preg.  Hey there wine. Ohhhhhhhhhhh how I miss you.}

{The bachelortette (up top) at her dinner party.  And hey there zit mouth.  Thanks pregnancy hormones.}

These two continued their summer love affair ...

{Going in for the kill, approaching the target, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!}

I decided to get crafty to make something for my huge living room wall that I was having trouble filling up ...
{I'll let you guess what the last date ended up being ...}

I grew ...

And grew ... 

Oh and then we found out some more news ...

That's right!  C is going to have a LITTLE BROTHER!  And we couldn't be MORE thrilled!  I'm already used to a house full of testosterone, bring on some more!  I'll just have to be ALL the girly this house can take.  And I think I can handle that (smile).

So there you have it.  12 weeks of catch-up in one post.  If you've made it this far, you get a cookie.  Maybe C will share his with you?