Friday, March 16, 2012

Flashback Friday ...

Doesn't everyone wear a boa and a bathing suit with a sun hat?

Monday, March 12, 2012


Mmmkay. I have a confession to make. And I may lose some friends over this one. Or hurt some feelings. I might even get some hate mail. Okay. So here it is.

I don't like smocking.
(Much to his great grandma's dismay)

I know, I know. I'll go ahead and pour you a tall glass of haterade. But as much as I've tried to make myself, I don't ...

So I know what you must be thinking. Surely I can't be a true Southern girl (I am, Texas born and raised). Surely I have terrible taste (I'll leave that opinion up to you). And SURELY I haven't given it a chance (I have, it makes my all boy little boy look like he's playing dress up in baby doll clothes).

If you're not from the south you may be wondering what the H - EEEEEECK smocking is. Well, here's an example ...

First of all, that's me. So as you can see I've been subjected to smocking from a young age. The smocking is what's on my dress in the picture on the left. Generally there are bunnies or frogs or other woodland creatures frolicking about etched into the design and, for boys, it's gathered and bubbled all around the legs with snaps and ruffles and other such babyish things. My boy? Climbs, makes tooting noises with his mouth, runs into things, knocks things over, makes messes, rides the dog and is generally ... well a destructive toddler. I just can't see putting him in these outfits, really for any occasion, and not giggling at him. It just doesn't fit him. Especially with his baby Beiber-like hair. That's why, when it comes to him, I like places like Gymboree, Children's Place and Target. Comfy, affordable and easy to launder = perfect clothes for C.

Now here's the real kicker. I think they're cute on other peoples kids! (So please don't email me and tell me I hurt your feelings because I said your kid's clothes aren't cute). Does that make any sense?

Probably not. But I feel better having confessed it. So, if someone includes me on an email list of a sale of Southern Smocking Galore, they'll understand why I most likely won't respond. :)

Now it may be a whole different ball game if a little girl enters my testosterone filled home, but for now? You'll only see my little one running around in T-shirts, cargo shorts and tennis shoes. Because that fits his personality (and his momma's) to a T.

See? I told you so.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kony 2012

Please take 30 minutes of your time to watch this incredibly important video ...

KONY 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So, while waiting for my fabulous blog designer to finish my fabulous blog design I thought I'd go ahead and post my first post. Because, well this is too hilarious to post-pone. Ha. Sorry, beware I make corny jokes.

So I've started boot camp again, I took about a 6 month hiatus and so did my weight loss. Apparently I'm REALLY good at staying the exact same weight. Which would be great if I were where I wanted to be, but I'm not. I'm about 10-15 lbs from there (aren't we always), so? This is the best way to get there. For me at least.

So back to the story. I show up for my first boot camp class, the first half of which we spent doing outside until it got dark. When we came inside there was a karate class of 3 students and one instructor. Allow me to paint you a picture ...

The guy leading the class looked to be in his 40's. Balding with glasses. Oh but don't you worry. He was a black belt. And I'm thinking watched Karate Kid too many times growing up and totally wanted to be Daniel LaRusso. Have any of you seen Home Alone (of course you have, if you haven't I'm not sure we should be friends)? Remember Fisher? The kid that wet the bed? Well picture him. Grown up. At 40. With a black belt. That was the instructor.

Then there's the class. There were three kiddos. One looked to be about 12 from his facial features and voice but about 20 from his size. Let's just say looked like he'd had twenty one too many Twinkies. And I can only say that because I was a "whole-box-eating" Twinkie kind of a kid. The middle kid looked exactly like I described the instructed 30 years prior. Fisher. Cloned. And the third? Bless her heart. She was Twinkie kid's equal just on a shorter scale and with red hair and freckles.

So there they were, all ready to pounce, literally, when we came in. In full karate-chopping stance. They pretty much took up the whole area of the room we were sharing so, on the way past they we all walked along the wall to stay out of their way. As we were walking the instructor said something in karate-speak to which the kids responded with a "HIIIII-YAAAAAA!!!!!!"

Now, I'm not sure if you've ever seen someone be attacked by dive-bombing birds before, but that's about how I responded. Jumped, yelled (which no one heard over the screeching "hi-ya'ing") and ran a little bit. Thank the LORD none of my boot camp mates had made it in the door yet. I'm pretty sure the only one that saw it was Mr. Black Belt himself, which didn't concern me.

After regaining my composure (and bladder control) the rest of the class had joined me and we were gearing up to resume class inside. As we were doing so, The Karate Kid himself approached us. When he did he said the following,

"If y'all are going to be working out in here I just want you to be careful and make sure you don't walk in the middle of us. Because we're going to be doing some pretty serious stuff, like roundhouse kicks like this ...

(and then ... he proceeded to DO a roundhouse kick ... WHILE yelling "HIIIIII-YAAAAA!!!")

... and I don't want anyone to get hurt.

... Crickets chirping ...

Now, there are four people in the class with me. And I'm pretty sure not one of us blinked. Or made a peep. Except for the girl next to me who actually turned her back to him, looked at me and giggled. Which didn't help stifle my giggle reflex that I was already having a hard time suppressing.

In the end we all managed to get out an "Okay ..." and went on our boot-camping way.

And LUCKILY, no one was hurt.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Coming Soon ...

I'm SO excited about my new blog! Get ready for lots of posting soon (I actually have them piling up are you impressed?!?). My sweet friend is in the process of designing it and when she's done let the posts fly! So don't get used to this weird book theme for too long (they are books right?) because it'll be shelved (harty har har) soon!

Until then, ta ta for now!

(Sidenote:  Anyone that used to read my old blog, can I ask you a favor?  Please don't make any comments on this one with any personal info.  The reason I went private on my last blog was because it was way too public with personal info and I really didn't feel comfortable with it any more especially after having a kiddo and wanting another one in the future.  I have comment moderation on so I won't publish any comments that have my name, my munchkin's name or the Mister's name in them but I thought I'd go ahead and ask in advance so I don't have to delete your comment because of it.  Thanks so much!!!)