Sunday, March 4, 2012

Coming Soon ...

I'm SO excited about my new blog! Get ready for lots of posting soon (I actually have them piling up are you impressed?!?). My sweet friend is in the process of designing it and when she's done let the posts fly! So don't get used to this weird book theme for too long (they are books right?) because it'll be shelved (harty har har) soon!

Until then, ta ta for now!

(Sidenote:  Anyone that used to read my old blog, can I ask you a favor?  Please don't make any comments on this one with any personal info.  The reason I went private on my last blog was because it was way too public with personal info and I really didn't feel comfortable with it any more especially after having a kiddo and wanting another one in the future.  I have comment moderation on so I won't publish any comments that have my name, my munchkin's name or the Mister's name in them but I thought I'd go ahead and ask in advance so I don't have to delete your comment because of it.  Thanks so much!!!)


  1. WOOOOOHOOO. Cannot wait!

  2. Aw yay there you are! I noticed that I didn't see your blog and saw it was private and got sad face cause you're a favorite of mine. Glad you are back!

  3. I wondered where you had gone! I finally saw you on one of Jen's Mama posts & couldn't figure out why you hadn't popped up in my Reader. But, I'm glad you have found your blog again! :-)


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