Saturday, December 28, 2013

family pictures!

I love family picture time.  My husband and children, however, act as if I'm pouring hot coals over them whilst clipping their toenails and force-feeding them lima beans.  I mean seriously.  What is so hard about dressing up nicely, acting like we like each other and smiling for 30 minutes.  THIRTY MINUTES!?!?!

Thankfully, EVERY TIME we get the edited images back my husband is glad we took them.  But for some reason he forgets this little tidbit of information EVERY YEAR when the time comes to have them done again?  I've decided it must be like pregnancy for a man, however in this case it works in the reverse.  They fight tooth and nail to do them, then love them once its done.  We fight tooth and nail to have babies, then swear after pregnancy and childbirth that we'll never do it again.  Only to forget 6 months later and begin longing for that "newborn phase" (and forgetting what 2 months of no sleep feels like).

Oh the human mind.

Anytangent, let's get to the point of this post.  It pretty much spells it out in the title.

It's all fun and games until your brother pushes you face first into the dead, scratchy grass and dirt after this seemly loving picture ...

Note the look of sheer terror on N's face ...

See how his little top lip looks a little puffy/funny/collagen-filled?   Well that's due to the face-full of aforementioned scratchy grass and dirt.  Thank goodness for photoshop.

Our photographer is amazing.  I swear she has some sort of magic over my children.  Because every year I'm convinced she couldn't have gotten one smile, in fact I'm almost POSITIVE I didn't see a single one from anyone (including myself) and then BOOM - she produces these.  Magic.  A magician I tell you.  Or she's giving them chocolate behind my back.  Either way I don't care how she does it as long as she gives me these kind of pictures every year.  And she has yet to disappoint.

Here's to family pictures 2014!  

Did anyone just hear the Mister groan? 

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