Thursday, January 2, 2014

new years. fiesta bowl.

These past few days have been fast and furious.  And SO. FUN.

We spent NYE with our neighbors.  Have I mentioned we have the best neighbors in the world?  Because seriously.  We do.  They have a son C's age that he has the equivalent of a toddler bromance going on with.  And they're so much fun.  And they live next door (maybe the neighbor detail made you catch on to that).  Did I mention they're awesome?

Anyways, we go over there all the time on the weekends but we have never hung out outside of our homes WITHOUT kiddos, dressed up (well the mommas anyway) while having a grown up meal.  And NYE was a perfect night to do it.

We were home by 11, watched the ball drop and passed out by 1 am which is actually WAY better than usual.  Usually we're lucky to make it until 11 to watch the ball drop in NY.

Apparently after you have two children you turn 80 and get narcolepsy. 

The next morning we woke up early and frantically ran around the house (think the "leaving for the airport" scene in Home Alone) to get the kids packed, the dog packed, ourselves packed and leave for Phoenix to go to the Fiesta Bowl.  

If you watched the game you know how it turned out but we had a blast cheering on our Baylor Bears regardless.  Could not be prouder to be a Baylor Bear.  PLUS it was our first time away from the kids in a different state.  I did okay but could not WAIT to get back to my babies.  It was definitely a good test run though.  

Happy New Year everyone, here's to remembering to write 2014 for the next 6 months!  

I'll get used to it just as we're about to celebrate New Year's next year.  

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  1. We have spent NYE with our neighbors for about 10 years now! Love our neighbors.


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