Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pics from Christmas.

I (hangs her head in shame) didn't get many pics of Christmas Day. But I got a few! We DID get a lot of videos though. So here goes.

Actually lets start with Christmas Eve ...

We spent Christmas Eve at Memaw & Pepaws house. Someone was a LITTLE excited about his new "choo tracks" as he calls them.

Making cookies with daddy, Uncle Mike & Memaw!

And mommy helped eat them later. Who says only daddy can play Santa Clause? Om nom nom, get in my preggo belly!

Me and my Silly Christmas morning.

Family pic attempt, C has learned the art of "don't look directly at the camera any time they ask you to" ... It's fun.

Going outside to play in the SNOW with daddy (sorry this Texas girl still feels the need to get excited about this)

Loved. It.

We had such a great day. Cannot WAIT to celebrate with TWO sweet boys next year!

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