Saturday, December 29, 2012

What is this stuff?

I don't know if y'all heard, but Texas got a bunch of this white fluffy stuff on Christmas Day ... it kinda looked like cotton balls. And marshmallows. And whipped cream. All at the same time.

We were told it was snow. I'm not sure if you know but the only "snow" Texas usually sees is either flocked on Christmas trees or pumping out of some machine during a Christmas production.

Needless to say, once we all realized what was going on, we spent a good amount of time playing in it on Christmas and the day after. C was NOT shy as you can tell ...

("What? Is this not how it works?") He literally just stopped and threw himself into the snow.

(This what happens when daddy lays down and asks you if you can do snow angels too. He wasn't ready for the cold on his head, apparently.)

(Playing with our neighbor, sweet B! Have I mentioned we have the best neighbors EVER? Our boys LOVE each other!)

(Sliding down the icy steps with daddy = pure JOY)

(And suddenly? He went to the front door and was OVER. IT. He and Frosty both look a little "deflated" dontcha think?)

I'll post some pics from Christmas Day later, we had a great day with family and C got more trains (or I should say things with wheels) than I think any toy store has in stock.

I hope your Christmas was just as merry and, if you were lucky, just as WHITE!


  1. SO cute! :-) I wish that the snow had traveled a little more south! :-) Happy New Year!

  2. Awww he looks adorable. We got some non-sticking snow...but we're hoping it DOESN'T come back. In NYC it's just annoying and goes from white beautifulness to grey sludge in 2.2 seconds. Bleh.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you, beautiful C, lil nugget inside and your Hubs.


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