Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hospital. Again.

Oh yeah. So I forgot to tell y'all. I'm back in the hospital. This time it's 3 weeks earlier than it was with C. Starting a week from this past Monday. Stupid blood pressure.

I'll explain everything more later but for now I'll tell you that it's until N gets here. Which could be tomorrow or 2 weeks from tomorrow. We're praying for 37 weeks, which is 2 weeks from Sunday, so if you think about it, would you pray that for us? We'd so appreciate it!

Until then I'm blessed with lots of help from family with C and the BEST friends that keep a constant flow of visits, goodies and meals not to mention the Mister who has been more supportive than I can ever express. Blessed, blessed, blessed.

In the meantime I stole this little time passer from a friends blog.

So here we go, A-Z of lil' ole me:

age - 31 (32 in May eek, I'm old)

bed size - King usually but currently? A hospital twin-sized. Y'all. They should not put pregnant women in a twin sized bed. At least not one without side rails like a toddler bed. Why? Because when I roll to my side between my butt and my belly I'm pretty sure one of them is going to pull me off the bed due to a little thing called gravity. There have been mornings I've woken up and stood up to go to the restroom and felt like I've been EJECTED from bed because I've expected there to be some bed there to "catch me". Except there's not. It's a bit of a rude awakening.

chore you hate - Are we being honest? All of them. I hate housework. Of all kinds. I wish I had a "Monica" from Friends deep down inside of me but alas, no such luck. I'm pretty sure I have a lazy 14 year old. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to get her surgically removed but so far to no avail ...

dogs - Koda bear. Our 7 (CANNOT believe he's 7) year old Lab.

essential start to your day - Breakfast and usually coffee when I'm not preggers. And getting my sweet boy out of bed.

favorite color - TEAL

gold or silver - Don't make me choose!

height - 5 feet 4 inches.

instruments you play - I used to play the piano. 11 years. And I could MAYBE play chopsticks today if I tried. Why didn't I listen to my mother and keep that up?!?

job title - Stay at home mom, best job in the world.

kids - C & soon to be N!

live - Texas. My whole life. Yeeeeeee haw.

married - 8 years this April!

nicknames - Princess, KDub, Wells, Sugar, root rot & rotchamaketus (those are both words my dad made up)

overnight hospital stays - Is this a joke? Currently on day 11 of my 2nd overnight stay in my life (first with C for high BP)

pet peeve - Rude people.

righty or lefty - Righty

siblings - 3 brothers and a sister.

time you wake up - In my current "extended stay"? 8:30-9. When I'm home with my boy? 7:30-8.

university attended - Baylor University. Sic 'em bears!!!

vegetables you dislike - Beets. Vommity vom VOM!

what makes you run late - Rain. Sun. Mondays. Air. Birds. Brushing my teeth. Pretty much everything. I'm perpetually late.

x-rays you’ve had - Foot, teeth.

yummy food - PIZZA.

zoo animal favorite - elephants.

Well that was fun. I'll update more on my current sitch later but for now? Time to order a DELICIOUS meal from the hospital cafeteria (did you hear me gag?) and get ready to try and make it through American Idol without yelling obscenities at Nicki Minaj. Home girl is getting on my NERVES!

PS - I just realized they skipped "Q" ...


  1. Love you friend. . . If I lived closer I'd come visit! :-)

  2. I'm with you on the beets! GAG!!!!


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