Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Twisted Tuesday.

So, if you've seen the news you've seen that Texas was hit pretty hard yesterday by SEVERAL tornados.

Now, I have several things in my list of biggest, worst nightmare fears. Including sharks, breaking down at night, in the middle of nowhere (hello Texas Chainsaw Massacre?) driving on icy roads, and other such irrational things. And one of them? Well one of them happened all around us yesterday. Tornados. For like an hour and a half the DFW metroplex was on again off again under tornado warnings. The sirens went off several times, Koda howled like he was having foghorns blown in his ears every time and my sweet boy napped the majority of the way through it. Thankfully we are okay, just freaked out for a bit (ESPECIALLY since we live in a patio home that has NO rooms that are not on exterior walls) but sadly a lot of the rest of the metroplex wasn't so lucky.

So in your prayers would you lift the DFW area up tonight? Especially Arlington, Lancaster and Forney. There were several homes just flattened in those areas. Thankfully, no fatalities have been reported but that doesn't mean people aren't still hurting.

In between sirens blowing, this little guy spent his time going from one window to the next wondering what all the fuss was about ...

"Momma, why can't I go outside?"

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