Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Playing Photographer

Two posts in one week?  I guess that's what happens when you are forced to relax.  Get excited y'all, I'm about to annoy you to DEATH with posts for the next 2 months.  But don't get too used to it because we all know (if you followed my previous blog you know, that is) that I fall off the planet after my babies are born. 

Anywho.  Back to playing photographer.  Y'all, I am by NO MEANS saying I know, at all, what I'm doing.  All I know is I asked for a nice camera right before C was born and I know how to use the preset settings on it.  That's all.  And one of my closest friends asked if I'd take some pictures of her darling family for her Christmas card.  We picked a date and location, prayed her kiddos would cooperate (she has two darling girls, one in Kindergarten the other is 22 months) and went for it.  This is what we came up with, I thought they turned out great!  But it helps when you have such precious "subjects" ...

There are SO many more good ones however Blogger and my computer have teamed up to be slow as Christmas and C is waking up from his nap (has been for 10 minutes, sorry C!) so I have to wrap this post up pretty quick-like.
Hope y'all enjoyed the pics and hope everyone's having a great week!  We're getting SO close to Christmas and I'm even MORE excited than usual this year because it's one of my "allowed outing" days.  Yee haw!

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