Sunday, December 2, 2012

2012 Family Pictures


We had our family pictures the weekend before Thanksgiving and honestly?  I was worried we weren't going to get one. single. picture.  Um, HELLO have you ever tried to get a two year old to focus, smile or pose let alone do all three of those things?  I'm pretty sure the word "smile" or "look at the camera" translated to C as "chase the birds" or "THROW A GIANT FIT".  At the end I finally ended up giving him a sucker to entice him to smile and, of course, those ended being some of the cutest ones of the bunch. 

But then, after anxiously awaiting the results from our amazing photographer (who I would LOVE to promote here on the little ole' blog but in keeping with my trying to keep this blog as private as possible in regards to location, family info, etc I'm going to keep that to myself) I got THESE beauties.  She did our family pics, C's two year pics and my maternity pics all wrapped into one sesssion.  And may I say she did an amazing job.  I'm SHOCKED we got as many as we did.

PS - Sorry the pictures look so blurry.  Apparently blogger has a size limit in pictures (like it wouldn't even let me post ONE, anyone else know when this happened?) so I had to save them from my facebook page to my phone and post them through the blogger app.  If you click on them they are a little clearer but not near as clear as they are from the photographer.  If anyone knows how to fix this problem (without buying extra storage cause LIKE that's happening) let me know okee dokee?  Mmkay thanks. 

Hope y'all enjoyed as much as I do! I'm so thankful we got so many good ones!


  1. those are adorable!! i have a four year old & it doesn't much better in the "smile, look here" department. oh well :) as for the resizing. ask your photographer is she could resize for web/facebook. i am a photographer & i do that for my clients :)


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