Tuesday, May 29, 2012

18 Months

Hey!  Remember me?  That's okay most days I don't remember my own name let alone others. 

I figured that I MAYBE should take some 18 month pictures this weekend since he's a week shy of being 19 months and decided to use our backyard as a photo shoot site since this age pretty much equals a refusal to stand still, EVER yesterday since his momma decided to FRY herself at the pool the day before and needed to be in a shaded area

The following is what I ended up with.  Nothing fancy schmancy, mainly just to continue the "taking pictures with an actual camera that is NOT an iPhone every 6 months" theme ...

{Koda had to make the shoot somewhere.}

To call that a "photo shoot" really isn't accurate.  It was more of a "chase my toddler around and try and get him to stop moving long enough for a picture" shoot.  But at least I documented the "18 month" age.  

I sure do love this precious boy. 

Get excited friends, I've got a giveaway coming up!  A sweet fellow blogger and her husband have put out a FANTASTIC kids CD that is scripture based and she's offered to give one away on my blog!  More about it to come!


  1. He is a busy boy! so cute.

  2. He is too cute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. He is getting so big and is adorable. Love that Koda made in there too.

  4. He's so darn cute- I think it was a PERFECT photo shoot!!!

  5. Seriously... 18Months?!?!?! Way too fast! And I love that his hair is lightening up... adorable :)


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