Sunday, April 1, 2012

Taking Time to Stop and Smell the Flowers.

One of the MANY perks of living in Texas?

Adorable bluebonnet pictures with your kiddos.  Now, with a 17 mo old it's a little more challenging than it was this time last year ...

... but at the same time, easier (about 10 minutes after taking this picture, he tumped over and bonked his head sending his mother into a tizzy CONVINCED he had a concussion.  If I only knew the number of times this child would fall and smack his head in the future.  Oh to be so nieve again.)

We ended up getting some super cute pictures.  In between me flailing about like a maniac trying to keep the bumblebees from stinging him.  Sheesh.  So here they are, I give you ...

(sounds epic, huh?)

And then, he said, "nuh, nuh" (no, no) and that was that.  We got a few good ones though!  Hope everyone had great weekends! 

Stay tuned, my blog makeover done by my precious friend, miss Fabulous K, is coming SOON!!!

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