Thursday, April 19, 2012

Still Got It?

I shared this story awhile ago with my facebook friends but made a mental note to share with the little ole' blog because, well I just thought it was too funny not to.  And because this might be the only time this ever happens to me again and I wanted it in written form for proof after I lose my mind whenever we decide to have another child and my brain disintegrates completely when I'm 80.

The other day (read, a month or two ago) I was on the way to meet my mom and grandma with C to do a little retail therapy.  It was the ONE time in months weeks I had actually straightened my hair (cough, cough ... I usually let it air dry ... cough, cough ... and I'm one of those poor girls that, pre-hair dryer and straightener days, would've had to check herself into a monastery ... or died with 85 cats ... you get the picture, that's what my sweet husband lives with, thank the Lord for headbands and ponytail holders) put on makeup and normal (ahem, NOT SWEATS) clothes and actually felt like a semi-cute human being (and not the post "just" - yeah KDub, he's 18 mo.  you can't use that anymore - had a baby mommy monster).  Couple all that with the fact that it was a GORGEOUS spring day in Texas and my little man was squealing with delight in the back seat all = me driving with the windows down and music up (as loud as I could so as to not damage my baby's eardrums) in a blissfully joyous mood.

Now that that picture is painted for you ...

I pull up to a stop light behind a car full of boys, music bumpin', actin' silly with a bumper sticker representing the high school I graduated from.  I sat there, minding my own business, bumpin' to my own music and noticed one of them turn around and shoot a glance at me.  He then turned around, said something to his friend and the rest of them turned around while the driver glanced at me in the rear view mirror.  One of them mouthed what was clearly the word "babe" while continuing to smile at me.  I smiled, an embarrassed smile, and waited for them to turn back around but they kept on ... acting like 16-year-olds.  So, I then decided to lift up my ring finger and proceeded to point at my wedding ring while shooting them a "I'm a happily married woman" smile.  They then, ERUPTED in harmonious laughter and the same one that had mouthed the flattering word earlier proceeded to mouth the word ...

"Cougar!"  ...



30 years old.  I've already reached it.  COUGAR!?! 


I guess I'll take that as a compliment?  Does anyone else still feel like they're 16 (with a baby in the back seat of your mom SUV) or maybe at least 18?  Sometimes I wonder if I'll feel this way when I'm 40.  And then I immediately feel guilty for making my parents feel like they were such dorks when I was in my teens.  Oh how things truly come full circle.

That's all from this cougar. 



  1. Haha. I definitely still feel like a kid, even when I'm driving around with my baby in the back, especially on nice days, which is weird. I suspect I don't look as young to others as I feel, though - which is unfortunate ;)

  2. First of all, I've missed you! I just found out from another blogger that you were starting anew. I've missed your posts.

    This post? Hilarious. Cougar already? Gimme a break. ;)

  3. Too funny! You are one hot Mama!

    I still feel young too, then I made a reference to Dougie Howser to my students and they were all, "Who?" hmmm...yep I am older than I think! Haha

  4. Haha thats a great story!

  5. Hahaha!! That is hilarious! Love it!


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