Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Camp Shirt!

Remember when I told you about my friend who is selling these shirts to bring her sweet boy that's waiting to come home to Texas from Ethiopia?

Well, some of you may not remember cause you're new here (and WELCOME either back if you're coming back from ... you know ... before or if you're a first time reader, I'M THRILLED TO HAVE YOU!) but let me tell you, the shirts are cute and they go to a good cause.

Anyway, the first time I told you I'd post a picture of C in his when I got it. So here's the proof of the promise ...

Aren't the shirts adorable?!? Now granted, it's a LITTLE big on C, that's only because the smallest size they come in is a 2-4. All that means is he'll get more wear out of it! Which is always a plus for this momma.

So head on over to Wynne's blog or click on the link above to get you (they have grown up sizes too!) or your little one today!


  1. So sweet! Hoping her boy comes soon.
    So glad to follow your blog!
    -Michelle @

  2. I love these shirts... and such a great cause!

    Hope you and C have a great day!


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